The Real Estate market in Houston is booming, and it’s no secret that you as a buyer should consider timing as a factor when deciding whether or not to buy your next home. When looking for a new home it is important that you have a plethora of options to choose from.

It’s unfortunate and frustrating to get pressured into having to buy a home because there isn’t much else on the market that fits your criteria. The more options you have, the higher the chance you find a great deal, checks all the boxes, and is in the exact area of Houston you are looking for. Which brings us to why this summer is the absolute best time to buy a home this year.

  1. Higher Inventory:  More Options for You – The number of homes for sale historically increase during the spring and summer periods, which is prime time for residents to be on the move and for buyers to take advantage of the influx of inventory on the market. The benefit for you is that you will have more options to choose from, allowing you to have the opportunity to be flexible in order to find a great deal rather than having to settle.

  2. School is OUT!: Summer is the perfect opportunity for families to put their house on the market as school has completed and the kids are home, leaving more time to focus on moving. However, there is a short window from listing the property for sale, to when school is back in session. This presents an incredible opportunity for you, as sellers will be more willing to negotiate on price and terms due to that short time period.

  3. Rising Interest Rates: Since late 2016, interest rates have been on the rise globally and continue to rise as time progresses. The scary part is, interest rates are expected to rise even further as we go later into the year, which could mean more money coming out of your pocket. Finding a home now can also mean saving quite a bit of money in the future by locking in a good interest rate.

  4. Intel on the Neighborhood: Let’s face it, having terrible and inconsiderate neighbors can be a new homeowner’s worst nightmare. Luckily, summer is around the time when families take to the outdoors and spend some time under the sun – whether it’s sports, having a BBQ, or gardening. When visiting homes you are interested in purchasing, you can very well see who your neighbors are, what the lifestyle is, and how the community interacts.

  5. Newer Homes, Same Houston: Due to a strong housing market, stable jobs, and favorable tax laws – Houston and the surrounding areas have seen an incredible surge of new construction and renovated homes in the past decade. Developers and investors have grown areas such as EaDo, Katy, the Greater Heights, Spring Branch, and more to spectacular residential areas for your benefit. With so much inventory out there, the options are truly limitless.

At Substantia Realty, our agents have incredible knowledge of the local markets in Houston, and we use that information to help buyers find the perfect home – whether it’s an investment property, a primary residence, or even their first home. If you’re interested in purchasing a property, please contact us to set up a free consultation to go over what you are looking for.